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Burano Italy | Burano Art Pictures, Photos, Images & Fotos - Images by Paul Williams


Selective Colour Art Photos of Burano, Italy

Selective Color Photos by Paul Williams

" When you visit Burano, one of the Venetian Island in the Lagoon of Venice, You are dumbfounded by the intensity of colour the houses have been painted. The chaotic classhing vibrant colours suggest inhabitants of Burano must be colour blind. This is a joyful place. It is like a kindergarten for adults. Even on a dull day Burano brings a smile to the most hardened of hearts." Paul Williams

'Burano' is a series of fine art photography showing art photos of the colourful houses of the venetian island of Burano by award winning photographer Paul Williams. This series of fine art pictures uses selective colour to isolate the important parts of the art photograph. This technique is a cross between blace & white & colour photography. Paul Williams has been colouring photographs for many years so selective colour is an extension of hand colouring black & white prints.