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Pictures of Venice Market. Photos of the Rialto Market - Images by Paul Williams

Pictures & Photos of Venice Markets, Italy

Venice was one of the greatest maritime powers until its fall to Napoleon. The centre of its trading was the Rialto district and the Rialto Market. Today the Rialto market sell fish, vegetables and fruit to locals and mementos to the tourists that pour across the Rialto Bridge every day. But in the past exotic goods from the East would have been traded in Venetian markets. In 1097 Venice's market moved to the Rialto, and in the following century a boat bridge was set up across the Grand Canal providing access to it. The market grew, both as a retail and as a wholesale market. Warehouses were built, including the famous Fondaco dei Tedeschi on the other side of the bridge. Meanwhile, shops selling luxury goods, banks and insurance agencies appeared and the city's tax offices were located in the area. The city's abattoir was also in the Rialto.