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European history is so rich and diverse with some of the best examples of prehistoric art, buildings and artifacts of great civilisations through to the fine cities of modern Europe. The constant wars and struggles between rival fractions in Europe has left a string of fine fortified towns, castles, chateaux and palaces that are high points of European civilisation, ingenuity and excess. In glorifying God the Christians of Europe took architecture and art to new heights, literally in the great Gothic Cathedrals. Europe is the product of a constant striving to be all powerful and show power through great monumental building projects and artworks. It is to these endeavors that these pictures and photo galleries are dedicated.

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Santorini Island Greece Santorini Island Greece

Pictures & Photos of Greece

The cradle of great civilisation the history of Greece stretches back into the mists of time. Greece is a mythical land with stories that link places with the Gods who once roamed the land in human form. The ties to the sea are unavoidable as most of the most enchanting destinations in Greece are on its multitude of islands each of which was once a separate Ancient Greek state. The struggles and rivalry between tese rival Greek states shaped Greece and, despite the often devastating wars between them, the peoples saw themselves as primarily Greek with a common culture, art and architecture that formed the backbone of a civilisation whose ideas still form the base of modern European thinking. See Photo Collections.....

Santorini Island Greece Mount Etna Sicily

Pictures & Photos of Sicily

Sicily is an island parts of which are closer to Africa than Italy. It is therefore unique in Europe having had every major Mediterranean civilisation play a part in its history. This has left Sicily with a unique culture with influences from the Orient as well as its Arab rulers that superseded the Romans and who in turn lost power to the Normans of Northern Europe. Sicily has also been ruled by the German Hoenstaffen and The Spanish. This has created a fascinating island with some of the biggest Greek Temple and a Amphitheater ruins, the best Roman mosaics at Villa Romana del Casale, The best Byzantine mosaics in the Palatine Chapel at Palermo and Monreale, amazing Norman hill top towns like Erice, the incredible Baroque cities of the south all backed by Europe’s most active volcano. There is so much to see in Sicily that will surprise and delight and this photo gallery is dedicated to the wonderful sights of Sicily See Photo Collections.....

Pictures of Italy

Gondolas, Venice Italy

Pictures & Photos of Italy

Italy should not be viewed historically as one country as its unification did not happen until the 19th century. Italy, after the collapse of the western Roman Empire, was rather a collection of rival Dukedoms, Kingdoms and Papal Staes. From the 6th century until the 19th there was constant strife and intrigue between these various fractions across Italy which at one end resulted some of the lowest points of western civilisation in the form of barbaric wars and mass slaughter, to some of the highest points of western civilisation such as the Renaissance. The seemingly opposing forces of domination through force and cruelty and the need for sensitive and inspiring art and architecture are the contradictions that have shaped Italy and make it one of the richest visual and cultural countries to explore on this planet. See Photo Collections.....

Cappadocia Turkey Cappadocia Turkey

Pictures & Photos Turkey & Ancient Anatolia

With one foot in the west and the other in the Middle East, Turkey is a mixture of many and diverse cultures. Turkey has only existed as a country since 1922. Before that it was part of the Ottoman Empire and before that it was part of the Byzantine Roman Empire. The bulk of Turkey was known as Anatolia and was the home of many ancient civilisations such as the Hittites, Lycians as well as the Greek city states along its coast. The land was constantly fought over and ruled at different times by the Persians, The greeks, The Romans, the Arabs, the Seljuk Turks to name a few. This has left Turkey with a rich and diverse history and a heritage that stretches back thousands of years. Today Turkey is a wonderful country to explore where the people are friendly and welcoming. Chai, black tea, is consumed everywhere and is offered to you by shop keepers and petrol attendants while you wait to have your car filled with petrol. The Turkish coast is incredibly beautiful and the hinterland has many diverse landscapes from the step land of the Silk Road to the incredible rock formations of Cappadocia, Turkey is an incredibly fascinating country as can be seen in our photo collections. See Photo Collections.....

Photo of The Chain Bridge, Budapest, Hungary Photo of The Chain Bridge, Budapest, Hungary.

Pictures & Photos of Hungary

Hungary is a landlocked country that sits at the heart of central Europe and famed for the beauty of Budapest, Goulash and wrongly with Attila the Hun who was Hun and not a Hungarian who come from the Magyars. The wealthy of the Austro Hungarian Empire endowed Hungary with many fine towns and Palaces. The influence from Austria can be found in many aspects of Hungarian culture but there are still elements of old Hungary like the town of Holoko. The flat land of the Puszta a are also typical of Hungary where cowboys still herd the great grey cattle of Hungary. This collection of photos of Hungary is dedicated to old and new Hungary. See Hungary Photo Collections.....

Pictures & Photos of England Big Ben, London, England.

Pictures & Photos of England

England is a small country packed with History and ancient buildings. The medieval feudal system created local communities that were not allowed to travel. This has left not only hundreds of regional accents in England but vastly different regional architectural styles. The first great medieval builders in England were the Normans who built great castles to protect themselves from each other and their English surfs. The Norman's, being great sinners, also built great churches and monasteries where monks would pray fro their souls. Henry VIII closed the monasteries and took the land so today England has many beautiful monastery ruins spread across the country. The Industrial Revolution started in England and the wealth it generated allowed the new wealth industrialists to build great country home. The style in favor at the time was based on Palladio's designs so Greek classical building sprung up all over England. This photo gallery is dedicated to the many "micro-England's" each of which has its own distinct characteristics. . See England Photo Collections.....

Zadar Roam Forum, Craotia Dubrovnik, Craotia

Pictures & Photos Croatia & Croatian Islands

Croatia is a Balkan country that occupies the northern half of the eastern Adriatic sea. This is a beautiful sun baked coast with secluded enchanting islands off shore. The southern part of the coast is backed by the dramatic Dalmatian mountains that rise steeply out of the sea leaving a narrow coastal plain where great cities like Dubrovnik grew rich on sea trade. One of the most important sea trading routes until the 17th century was from Venice to Constantinople, along which exotic and goods would be transported from the east to the west. Venice dominated this trade route and built fortified ports all along the route. Venetian church Campanile can be seen in all the ports along the Croatian coast. Cities like Zadar show the layers of civilisations that have stamped their influences on Croatia. At the centre of Zadar is a Roman Forum that was built on an earlier Greek town. In this Forum is an early Romanesque church with old Roman column drums and stones with Roman writing in its foundation stones. Next to this is a Venetian Campanile and Cathedral, lining the western side of the forum square are Austro-Hungarian Villas and along the southern side are the Socialist style buildings of the Zadar library. Sitting at a cafe table in the old forum square, it is possible to see all of Croatia's history in the building around you. See Croatia Photo Collections.....

Eifel Tower Pari France Viscri, Buneşti, Braşov

Pictures & Photos of Romania

Romania and in particular Transylvania is still an unspoiled land. People still live a rural life in a pastoral countryside where the horse and cart is still used widely. Transylvania is heavily influenced by Saxon and Hungarian culture. In medieval times the Saxons created Fortified churches to protect themselves from the constant threat of attack. Fully furnished rooms were built inside the church fortification walls where food reserves were kept so the whole town could retreat to safety quickly and sit out a long siege. In northern Transylvania is Maramures. In medieval times the Catholic rulers banned the building of stone Orthodox churches so a tradition of building Orthodox Christian churches started. Like the Saxon Fortified Churches the Wooden Churches of Maramures have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This photo gallery is dedicated to what is one of the last truly unspoiled areas of Europe where it is possible to see how Europeans lived before industrialisation. See Romania Photo Collections.....

Matterhorn Mountain, Switzerland The Matterhorn, Switzerland.

Pictures & Photos of Switzerland & The Swiss Alps

The highest mountains in Europe are found in Switzerland. A land locked country Switzerland has some of the most spectacular scenery. In the winter the alps are a haven for skiiers and in the summer the mountains of Switzerland are the top destination for hikers, mountain climbers and paragliers. Switzerland has something fro everyone and this photo gallery is dedicated to its beauty. See Switzerland Photo Collections.....

Eifel Tower Pari France Eifel Tower Pari France

Pictures & Photos of France

Since Charlemagne created his empire France has been at the heart of western European politics. The feudal system in France created domains ruled by Dukes from fortified castles. Medieval France was a dangerous place with constant strife between rival Kings and Dukes but the benefit today is that all across France are wonderful fortified cities to explore. France was deeply religious and in the hope their sins would be remitted the ruling classes endowed the church with great cathedrals & monasteries. In the North of France great Gothic Cathedrals were built that set a style that spread across Europe. France has an incredibly rich culture which produced great art, architecture, food and wine making it one of the most interesting countries to explore in the world. See France Photo Collections.....